Introduction to Child Development and Montessori Education

This unique course offers an introduction to Child Development, an understanding of the milestones and norms in each area of development, and most importantly, how to foster the child’s development. The course looks at the different types of attachment styles and the impact the primary caregiver has on the child. The course offers an insight in the Montessori philosophy, the history and implementation with a nursery and the home. This is a practical course, led by an expert in the field of Montessori Education. It looks at ways in which you can bring Montessori into your home and how to foster a child-led approach to education.

  • Course Duration: 1 day (6 hours approx.)
  • Course Requirements:
 No knowledge of childcare is required, however, candidates need to be fluent in English
  • Course Cost: £80 including lunch
  • Dates: Saturday 9th December 2017

Course Content:

Introduction to Child Development 0-5 years

What is Child Development? Why is it important we understand what children should be able to achieve and when? The course analyses the developmental ‘norms’ and milestones in each of the following areas:

  • Physical
  • Language
  • Emotional
  • Social

Attachment Styles:

  • The course discusses the responsibilities of being a ‘primary caregiver’, the effects of positive/negative parenting styles on the child, how to encourage a secure attachment and the benefits of doing so.

History of Montessori Education

  • An in-depth discussion, looking at the key principals of Montessori Education.
Understanding the history of Montessori Education.
  • Highlighting the myths which surround the Montessori philosophy, looking at the pros and cons of other educational systems.
  • Looking at the set up of a Montessori classroom, the activities and equipment (why they were invented and how they are used).

Montessori In the Home

  • How can we adapt the home environment to use both Montessori philosophy and building on our understanding of child development to aid the child?
  • This part of the course is very hands-on. Please bring an A3 sketchbook and camera to work with.

Recommended Reading:

  • P. Smith – Understanding Children’s Development
  • Iain Macleod-Brudenell Advanced Early Years
  • Maria Montessori – The Secret of Childhood
. The Absorbent Mind.
  • Lesley Britton – Montessori Play and Learn
  • Tim Seldin – How to Raise a Child the Montessori Way


The Montessori course was really fascinating and eye-opening. Kitty was really good at explaining and giving examples of all the different concepts. Highly recommended!


This course is very good. I will use aspects of it in my work.

Gina 10/2013

I thought the course was fantastic – really informative and I learnt a lot. Thank you!

Charlene Sayfer 10/2013

It was so interesting to look at the ways in which Montessori is different to mainstream schooling. I am now going to study the Montessori Diploma – this course really inspired me!

Alison Davies 7/2012